Item reinforcement plays an integral part in increasing the overall combat capabilities of your character, and can be easily done in-game through the Blacksmith NPC. 


Before attempting a reinforcement, several things are required:

  • The item to be enhanced (A thing to note is, only Weapons and Armor items can be reinforced);
  • A Reinforcement Scroll;
  • An amount of gold (The amount varies with item tier, required level, and reinforcement tier).

There also exist several support items, though not mandatory, can be extremely helpful in reinforcement attempts:

  • Reinforcement Support Scrolls increase the success rate of the reinforcement attempt;
  • Destruction Protective Scrolls will prevent the item from breaking if a reinforcement fails. This item can only be used up to 8 successful reinforcements;
  • (placeholder) can only be used on items with 8+ successful reinforcements, and will prevent the item from breaking on failure.


Each successful reinforcement will increase the stats on the item in question, with Attack Power being gained on weapons, and Defense being gained on armor. The amount increased will increase with the number of successful reinforcements.

At 6, 9, and 10 successful reinforcements, the item will also gain extra bonus stats, along with the base stat gain.