Psychic is one of the 5 playable classes in ELOA Online.

Brief Introduction to Psychic Edit

A melee based healer class reliant on three weapons of choice. Contrary to the norm, a Psychic has potential to do much more than supporting from the rear. They are a mix and match class suited for players who enjoy switching from support to damage dealer depending on the situation.


As with all other classes, the Psychic has 3 battle stances that can be switched fluidly in combat.

Holy Spirit                                                         Edit

Has the ability to heal your party members as well as reviving them. Has skills that stun the enemy as well as hits them hard for damage.

This stance wields a large 2 handed hammer and has these passives:

Sorcery                                                             Edit

Allows you to use magic to hurt and damage your enemies. You should avoid receiving any damage while in this stance.

This stance wields a staff in one hand, a shield in the other, and has these passives:

Halidom                                                             Edit

Let's you use ritual magic to buff your party.

This stance wields a large 2 - handed spear and has these passives:

Elite Lord Skill Edit