Mage is one of the 5 playable classes that players can choose to play in ELOA

Brief Introduction to Mage Edit

Difficulty Level ★★ ☆☆☆

Stances Edit

As with all other classes, Mages have three battle stances that can be switched fluidly in combat.

Ignition                                                          Edit

This stance focuses on high area-of-effect damage, but its skills generally have a higher cast-time, so waiting for the appropriate moment to attack is key.

Blazing Fireball
Blazing Fireball Fires blazing fireball penetrates enemies
Flame Ring
Flame Ring Enemies within 5m in front of you are knocked back.
Burning Blaze
Burning Blaze Fires a burning blaze with a width of 5m
Meteor of Destruction
Meteor of Destruction Drops a meteor on a designated location to inflict damage on enemies within a 3m radius
Eva's Protection
Eva's Protection Absorbs damage equivalent to 10% of your HP for 10 seconds
Disaster Stuns enemies within a 3m radius for 2 seconds
Mana conversion
Mana Conversion Consumes 8% of your hp to recover 16% of your mana
Burning rage
Blazing Rage Increases attack power by 20% 

While this stance is active, the following stat bonuses are gained:

Ice                                                                 Edit

This stance is more heavily utility-focused, with its arsenal of slowing and freezing skills. Depending on the situation, this stance can be very versatile, supporting allies while dealing balanced damage.

Ice pick (2)
Frozen Hammer Downs enemies within a 4m radius for 2 seconds
Ice pick (1)
Ice pick Attacks enemies within 7m in front of you
Cold wave
Cold wave Attacks enemies within 8m in a straight line and decreases their movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds
Ice wall (2)
Unified Chill Fires an icy needle that penetrates Enemies
Ice wall (1)
Ice Wall Creates a wall of ice that makes you immune to damage for 6 seconds
Intense cold (2)
Frost Storm Creates a frost storm that freezes enemies for 3 seconds
Intense cold (1)
Intense Cold Freezes enemies within a 3m radius for 3 seconds
Burrowing chill
Burrowing Chill Fires an icy needle that uses up 10% of enemies mana and recovers 10% of your mana

While this stance is active, the following stats are gained:

Nemesis                                                        Edit

This stance places further emphasis on utility, with its arsenal of stuns and displacement skills, along with wave-clear, with its strong area-of-effect damage capabilities.

Thunderbolt (1)
Thunderbolt Stuns enemies within 5m in front of you for 2 seconds
Thunderbolt (2)
Eye of the Storm Fires storm energy that penetrates enemies, targets receive additional damage after 5 seconds.
Power surge
Power surge Fires a current that penetrates enemies and moves you back 5m
Thunderstorm Creates a thunderstorm in a designated area which damages enemies within a 3m radius up to 5 times
Reduce space
Reduce Space Immediately moves to a location 8m away
God's breath
God's Breath Fires a tornado that penetrates enemies and downs them for 2 seconds
Twister Pushes back enemies by 5m when within a 3m radius and knocks them down for 2 seconds
Gentle Breeze
Gentle Breeze Recovers 5% of your mana every second for 6 seconds

While this stance is active, the following stats are gained:

Elite Lord Skill Edit

Mage Elite lord skill
Meteor Rain Drops six meteors on a designated location to inflict damage on enemies within 6m range