Dungeons are isolated maps located throughout the game world, and involves progressing through the dungeon map, clearing monsters on the way, culminating in a boss fight. Dungeons can vary greatly in difficulty and the rewards drops, and there exists several key differences between Dungeons and other maps:

  • Dungeons are isolated maps, where players will not see other players doing the 'same' dungeon, as the recorded dungeon progress remains individual;
  • Monsters in Dungeons do not drop aggro due to distance, as opposed to regular open-world maps;
  • On exiting a dungeon, the dungeon itself will not be 'reset' for a given amount of time. In other words, if you attempt to re-enter a dungeon immediately after clearing it, you will find yourself in an empty dungeon;
  • The only way to enter a dungeon together with several people is to enter in a party.

Here's a list of guides to help you defeat certain bosses or dungeons.Edit

List of DungeonsEdit

Level 1 - 10
Blocked Forest Trails
Recommended Level : 
Solo Instance

Level 11 - 19
Secret Forest 
Recommended Level : 12
Recommended party : 2 players

Level 20 - 25

Guntara's Hideout (Introduction)

Recommended Level : 24

Recommended party : 2 players

Guntara's Hideout (Normal)

Recommended Level : 24

Recommended party : 4 players