Downloading and Installing the Game Edit

~Wait until a client is actually available~ Downloading and Installing

Choosing a Server Edit

You should be selecting a server based on your geographic proximity to the server, in order to reduce ping, as well as based on population.

Creating a Character Edit

Here is where you start your journey! You can freely adjust how your character looks, and both the Race and the Class will be chosen from here.

Choosing a Race Edit

There are 4 races to choose from in ELOA.


Kartu Edit

Liru Edit

Sapiens Edit

As of right now, the races are purely different aesthetically; further story-line may be added to individual races in the future.

Choosing a ClassEdit

There are 5 classes to choose from in ELOA. Each having 3 different stances and an Elite Lord transformation.

Blood KnightEdit

Blood Knights are generally the main tanks and initiators, with a fair amount of DPS capabilities. They usually specialize in hard-engaging fights and chaining enemies with crowd control abilities.


Psychics are the main support class, who mainly focus on hard crowd control along with sustain. While their DPS capabilities are lower compared to other classes, they remain an indispensable part of a party.


Mages are ranged DPS characters, specializing in dealing heavy ranged area-of-effect damage. They do have a fair amount of survivability in defensive spells and displacement abilities, they are fairly vulnerable if caught out of position.


Snipers are a ranged DPS class, with some added emphasis on crowd control and area-of-effect burst. While their damage capabilities are among the highest of the five classes, they are also the most vulnerable.

Assassin WarriorEdit

Assassins are a melee DPS class, with emphasis on single-target burst damage. While their mobbing potential is slightly weaker, they are exceptionally strong when their targets are singled out.